Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations
Location: Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
Studley Campus
Room 314
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-2485
Fax: (902) 494-8797
Website: www.dal.ca/grad
Email: graduate.studies@dal.ca

Administrative Officers


Leonard, M. L., BSc (Guelph), MSc (Carleton), PhD (Ottawa)

Associate Deans

Pelzer, D. J., MD (Heidelberg), DSc (Homburg)
Denovan-Wright, E. M., BSc, PhD (Dalhousie)

Program Officer

Fletcher, W., BA, BEd (Dalhousie), MA (Calgary)

Admissions and Convocation Officer

Berrigan, S., BSc (Dalhousie)

Admission, Recruitment and Retention Officer

Smart, J. P., BA (Calgary), MA (Dalhousie)

Administrative Officer (Acting)

Casey, C., BA (Open University, UK), Paralegal

Administrative Assistant to the Deans

Theriault, S., BComm (Dalhousie)

Scholarship Liaison Officer

Pottie, D.

Faculty Council (2015-2016)

Elected Members

Ali-Hassan, H., 2017, Rowe School of Business
Bearne, S., 2016, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Bodorik, P., 2016, Computer Science
Boe, S., 2018, Physiotherapy
Durier-Copp, M., 2018, Public Administration
Fitting, E., 2017, Sociology & Social Anthropology
Gadbois, S., 2017, Psychology & Neuroscience
Gibson, M., 2016, Process Engineering & Applied Science
Groulx, D., 2017, Mechanical Engineering
Iron, D., 2018, Mathematics & Statistics
Kozey, J., 2017, Health & Human Performance
Loomer, G., 2018, Law
Mullin, R., 2017, Architecture & Planning
Patterson, D., 2016, Agriculture
Sabo, B., 2018, Nursing
Stadnyk, R., 2016, Occupational Therapy
Stone, S., 2017, Biology
Toughill, K., 2018, Journalism
Tyedmers, P., 2017, Resource & Environmental Studies
Ulicki, T., 2018, International Development Studies
Wells, S., 2018, Biomedical Engineering

Ex Officio Members

Barker, W., Interdisciplinary PhD Program
Denovan-Wright, E., Associate Dean, FGS
Ellis, P., Killam Library
Lee, M., Chair
Leonard, M., Dean, FG
Martin-Misener, R., Vice-Chair
Pelzer, D., Associate Dean, FGS
Theriault, S., (Secretary), FGS Staff
Armstrong, J., Postdoctoral Fellow
Bhatia, D., DAGS Representative
Daizy, N., DAGS representative
Hesam, M., DAGS Representative
Armstrong, J., Postdoctoral Fellow

Detailed information about particular programs will be found in the Departmental entries in the subsequent sections of this calendar, or they may be obtained from Departmental publications. It is the responsibility of all graduate students to familiarize themselves with the regulations that govern the conditions of their programs of study at the University. Except where noted, Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations take precedence over Faculty/Departmental regulations. The Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations are subject to change. Up to date regulations can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website: dal.ca/grad/regulations/.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies forms are available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at dal.ca/grad. Forms are updated on a regular basis.