BA with Honours in French

This program offers systematic, comprehensive and individualized study of French language, literature, linguistics and other program elements both inside and outside the classroom. It is, therefore, an option which should be considered seriously by any student who, with career or personal objectives in mind, wishes to obtain a strong background in French and by those who plan to teach or earn a graduate degree in French.

Honours students are strongly encouraged to enrich their learning experience by spending at least one term in a French-speaking area. Please consult the department for information on our Dijon study abroad program.

Potential Honours applicants should consult the Department’s Undergraduate Advisor, preferably during their second year of study, regarding the application procedure and relevant deadlines.

Concentrated Honours (120 credit hours)

Students must meet the Faculty degree requirements which include 54 to 66 credit hours in French.

Departmental Requirements

2000 level
3000 level
4000 level
  • FREN 4017.03: General Translation and FREN 4046.03: Advanced Composition
  • Twelve credit hours at the 4000 level
  • At least six credit hours, 2000 to 4000 level, for a total of 54 credit hours in French
  • FREN 4933.00: Honours Seminar

Second year (e.g. 2000 level) courses taken during the student’s first year at Dalhousie may count towards major or honours, with the approval of the department.

An additional grade is required: either an Honours Essay or an Oral Presentation (see document entitled "French Honours Qualifying Examination" available from the Honours Advisor or the departmental secretary).

Honours Conversion

The Honours Conversion is an option for continued study open to anyone who has previously completed a BA (90 credit hours) program at Dalhousie. Normally, it consists of 30 credit hours of course work plus six additional credit hours: either an honours essay or an oral interview based on course work and /or a specific topic. Requirements for the Honours Conversion are similar to those for the concentrated Honours Program, but will vary according to individual circumstances.

120 credit hour degrees may also be converted to Honours degrees; please consult the departmental Undergraduate Advisor.