Minor in French Literature and Culture

This minor is available to Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) students.

A minimum of 18 to a maximum of 27 credit hours beyond the 1000-level, including

  • FREN 2201.03: Introduction to French Literature and
  • FREN 2202.03: Introduction to French Literature

And any three credit hours from: Medieval/Early Modern Literature and Culture

  • FREN 3225.03: Letter Writing in French Literature
  • FREN 3300.03: Medieval French Literature
  • FREN 3400.03: 16th Century French Literature
  • FREN 3500.03: 17th Century French Literature
  • FREN 3600.03: 18th Century French Literature
  • FREN 4300.03: Advanced Medieval French Literature
  • FREN 4401.03: Philosophical, Political and Moral Thought of the Renaissance
  • FREN 4500.03: The Intellectual Adventure of the 17th Century France
  • FREN 4550.03: Literary Women of French Classicism
  • FREN 4600.03: The Englightenment: Form and Philosophy

And any three credit hours from: Modern/Contemporary Literature and Culture

  • FREN 3101.03: French Culture and Civilization
  • FREN 3250.03: French Women Writers
  • FREN 3700.03: 19th Century French Literature
  • FREN 3730.03: The Franco-Belgian Comic Strip
  • FREN 3750.03: Popular Literature and the Rise of Mass Culture
  • FREN 3800.03: French Theatre and Poetry of the 20th Century
  • FREN 3810.03: 20th Century Prose and Literary Theory
  • FREN 4700.03: The Romantic Revolution
  • FREN 4701.03: The 19th Century Novel
  • FREN 4710.03: From Symbolism to Surrealism
  • FREN 4801.03: Anti-novels of the 20th Century

And any three credit hours from: Canadian and International Francophonie

  • FREN 3150.03: Aspects of the Francophone World
  • FREN 3203.03: Approaches to Literary Texts
  • FREN 3811.03: Introduction to Africa and Carribean Francophone Literature
  • FREN 3900.03: French-Canadian Literature
  • FREN 3910.03: Acadian Studies
  • FREN 4811.03: Francophone Poetry from Perse and Char to Senghor and Cesaire
  • FREN 4902.03: Contemporary Quebec Writers
  • FREN 4903.03: Contemporary Quebec Writers
  • FREN 4904.03: Quebec Women Writers

And any three credit hours from any of the courses listed above or FREN 2021.03/FREN 2022.03: Language and Culture (strongly recommended for students not taking FREN 2045XY.06: Intensive Grammar).

Note:  Not all courses are offered each year. Please consult with the timetable for courses offered.

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