BA with Combined Honours

Four year, 120 credit hours program

Students can enter a BA with Combined Honours program in Gender and Women’s Studies and a range of other subjects including Biology, Classics, Contemporary Studies, English, Environment, French, History, International Development Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Sustainability, and Theatre. Students interested in any of these combinations or any other that involves Gender and Women’s Studies and another subject should consult with the Departments concerned.

General Degree Requirements

Please read the detailed description of the BA with Combined Honours program in the Degree Requirements section of the Dalhousie Academic Calendar. After meeting the first year requirements, students must complete:

  • Minimum of 66, maximum of 84 credit hours beyond the 1000 level in the two allied subjects combined, not more than 48 credit hours nor fewer than 30 credit hours being in either of them, and a minimum of 18 credit hours beyond the 2000 level in each of the two subjects. Grade must be "C" or better; otherwise, course will not count toward degree.
  • Within the last 90 credit hours, 6 to 24 - depending on the number selected in the honours subjects - elective credit hours.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Where a class selected from the Gender and Women’s Studies “list” is cross-listed with a class in the allied subject, the class may not be double counted (i.e. it may be counted toward one subject or the other, but not both).
  • Total credit hours required above 1000 level - 72
  • Total credit hours required for degree - 120
  • Required GPA for graduation - 2.00
  • Honours Qualifying Examination: see concentrated honours program above for details.
  • Required standing for graduation:
    Arts and Social Sciences subjects require a GPA of 2.70 (3.70 for first class) on courses in the honours subjects.
    Science subjects (see below) require a GPA of 3.00 (3.70 for first class) in courses in the honours subjects.
  • May be combined with minor(s)

Note: If the student has a minor, courses in the honours subjects and the minor are included in the honours GPA

Departmental Requirements

In addition to meeting the Degree Requirements set out by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Gender and Women’s Studies students must meet the following requirements:

  1. At least two of the following classes must be taken: GWST 2066.03, 2301.03, 2500.03, 2191.03, 2192.03, 2170.03 (Normally this requirement should be met in the second year of the program).
  2. At least three Gender and Women’s Studies classes (9 credit hours) must be taken beyond the 2000 level.
  3. At least two classes at the 4000 level (6 credit hours) in Gender and Women’s Studies, Directed Readings, Special Topics, or cross-listed classes (Normally this requirement should be met in the fourth year of the program).
  4. To meet the Honours Examination requirement when Gender and Women’s Studies is the major subject, students will prepare a research paper under the supervision of a Gender and Women’s Studies faculty member.
  5. At least three different disciplines must be represented in a student’s selection of Gender and Women’s Studies classes (in disciplines other than the allied subject).