Russian Studies
Location: Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Avenue
Room 3025
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-1082


The Russian Studies Department offers courses in Russian language, literature, culture and history. Since Russia plays a crucial role in today’s world and makes important contributions in a wide variety of scientific, technical, and humanistic fields, knowledge of its linguistic and cultural backgrounds can prove advantageous in many areas of study. Recent radical shifts in the country have significantly widened opportunities for using Russian in business, law, science, and government.

In the language courses emphasis is placed on gaining a thorough grasp of Russian grammar combined with practical competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Sections are small and intensive. Classroom work is supplemented by computerized audio-visual materials. Study of Russian literature begins with a general survey intended for first or second year students, followed by monograph, period, and genre courses. Literature courses are generally offered in both English and Russian in order to give as many students as possible from other disciplines the opportunity to become acquainted with this important part of Russian life.

Courses in Russian culture and civilization are intended to introduce students to art, architecture, music, religion, and other areas of Russian life which are necessary to understand the language and literature. Films, guest speakers, and evenings of Russian poetry are scheduled periodically. The Dalhousie Association of Russian Students organizes a variety of events throughout the year.

Major or honours students may, with the approval of the Russian Studies Department, take up to one semester (15 credit hours) of work at a university in Russia and receive credit at Dalhousie. Qualified students are urged to participate in the Intensive Russian Program, founded by Dalhousie, which enables Canadian students to study for a semester at St. Petersburg State University.

Degree Programs

Courses in the Russian Studies Department are open to students either (1) as electives in any degree program; (2) as constituents of a major or honours degree in Russian; or (3) with courses in another discipline forming part of a combined honours degree or double major; or (4) as a minor.

All Bachelor degree programs are governed by the general Requirements for Degrees set out in the University Calendar, in addition to the departmental requirements stated below. See Degree Requirements section.