Law, Justice and Society
Location: Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
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Law, Justice and Society

The Law, Justice and Society program brings together the theory and practise of education, working across disciplines to engage thoughtfully and critically with pertinent social and political issues. LJSO offers a multi- and interdisciplinary learning experience for students who are interested in the study of law and justice - be they approached as subjects of historical, philosophical, political, or socio-anthropological enquiry or as an avenue towards career objectives such as work in criminal justice, public policy, legal research, or human rights advocacy. Through theory, research methods, and knowledge from a range of disciplines students will strive to understand the contested nature and uses of law in its various relationships to justice. The opportunity to engage in experiential learning will grow a student's confidence both inside and outside the classroom, along with recognition that learning does not cease once class is over, but is a lifelong process that is both rooted in and directed toward the communities and issues they will learn about in the program.

The LJSO program offers courses on a wide range of topics, from a variety of disciplines including: introduction to law and legal thinking, political ideas and philosophies, human rights, the history of law & justice and crime & punishment, youth crime, the social, moral and legal regulation of sex and gender, and ethics.

The admissions requirements for the Law, Justice and Society Program are listed under the relevant Calendar entry for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. There are no additional requirements for LJSO beyond those of the Faculty.

Students thinking of majoring or doing an Honours degree in Law, Justice and Society are encouraged to speak with the Program Coordinator about developing a program of studies that suits their needs and interests.