Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with Honours

The Honours Program is part of the 120 credit hours required for the Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) degree. For the Community Stream, HPRO 4101.03 and HPRO 4102.03 may be applied as open electives or as health-related electives on the Program of Studies form (see the School's Student Services Administrator).  For the Research and Policy Stream, HPRO 4101.03 is required and HPRO 4102.03 can be applied as an open or health-related elective on the Program of Studies form (see the School's Student Services Administrator).

Students wishing to be considered for entrance into the Honours Program must meet the minimum requirements listed below. Acceptance to the program after meeting these requirements will depend on a faculty member being willing to supervise the honours thesis.

  1. Completed a minimum 75 credit hours towards their undergraduate degree.
  2. Obtained a GPA of 3.70 based on the previous 45 credit hours of academic work.  Students whose GPA falls between 3.50 and 3.70, who still wish to apply to the Honours program, have the option to provide a written statement with their application describing the special circumstances that suggest they will be able to competently complete the Honours program although they do not meet the GPA requirement for admission.
  3. Completed HAHP 3100 with a minimum grade of B.

Application is made by November 15th of the student's third year.
NOTE: Students accepted into the Honours program must complete HPRO 4101.03 and HPRO 4102.03

Students accepted into the Honours program are required to attend an Honours seminar weekly for the first two months, and then monthly.

Honours Conversion

Students who have graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) degree can apply for the Honours Conversion program. Before taking HPRO 4101.03 and HPRO 4102.03, they must have satisfied the admission requirements for the Honours Program. With the approval of the Honours Coordinator, it may be possible to take certain prerequisite courses concurrently with HPRO 4101.03 and HPRO 4102.03. Acceptance into the Honours Conversion program can only be considered provided a faculty member has agreed to supervise the project. Interested students should contact a Student Services Administrator in the School of HAHP for application information.