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Environmental Science in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers several programs. These include a BSc Honours/Major in Environmental Science, a Minor in Environmental Science, a Double Major in Environmental Science and Community Design, and a BSc or BA Double Major or Combined Honours in Environmental Science and any Major/Honours subject in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) or with the College of Sustainability. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Architecture and Planning also offer a Minor in Environmental Studies which is administered through Environmental Science.

Environmental Science applies the findings and principles from multiple disciplines to environmental questions and problems. Environmental Science, by nature, is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Most environmental scientists develop expertise in a particular discipline, and work co-operatively with specialists in other disciplines to solve environmental problems. They work in a variety of institutions in both the public and private sectors: municipal, provincial and federal government departments, consulting and engineering companies, development aid organizations in the non-governmental sector and activist community organizations. In all of these institutions they must integrate their scientific knowledge into the prevailing political, economic and legal systems.

The courses required for the BSc Environmental Science stress the links among the fields of study that the students acquire. Thus, students graduate with a combination of depth and breadth of knowledge and the ability to solve problems in the real world.

Degree Programs

The Faculty of Science offers the following degree programs in Environmental Science

  • BSc (120 credit hour) Honours (Concentrated)*
  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Combined Honours*
  • BSc (120 credit hour) Major*
  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Double Major*
  • Minor in Environmental Science
  • Minor in Environmental Studies

* BSc Co-op option available 
* May be combined with Minor programs from other disciplines

Program Requirements can be seen by following the links to the right. In addition to the program requirements, students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and the College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements sections. Students are advised that a number of requirements differ for the BA and BSc degrees.

A student is governed by the academic regulations in place at the time of initial enrolment, as long as the degree is completed within the time permitted (10 years). Subsequent changes in regulations shall apply only if the student so elects. Student applying the old academic regulations should consult the calendar of the appropriate year.

Students should plan their programs of study carefully and are strongly encouraged to do so in consultation with the Environmental Science undergraduate academic advisor.