BSc Double Major in Environmental Science and Community Design

In addition to fulfilling the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements, students in a BSc Double Major program in Environmental Science and Community Design must complete the following:

1000 Level


  • CHEM 1011.03: Concepts in Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity and CHEM 1012.03: Concepts in Chemistry: Energy and Equilibrium
  • MATH 1000.03: Differential and Integral Calculus I or MATH 1215.03: Life Sciences Calculus
  • STAT 1060.03: Introductory Statistics for Science and Health Sciences
  • ERTH 1030.03: Introduction to Physical Geography
  • ECON 1101.03: Principles of Microeconomics or ECON 1102.03: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PLAN 1001.03 and PLAN 1002.03
  • ENVS 1100.03: Foundations of Environmental Science: Ecosphere, Resources and Sustainability and ENVS 1200.03: Current Environmental Challenges: Analysis and Solutions
Common Core Courses - as listed for BSc Major, except:
  • ENVS 2310.03: Energy and the Environment not required
  • Choice of ENVS 2000.03: Urban Field School or ENVS 2500.03 Field Methods in Environmental Science or ENVS 3001.03: Environmental Science Field School
Community Design Courses
  • PLAN 2001.03: Landscape Analysis
  • PLAN 2002.03: Community Design Methods
  • PLAN 2005.03: Community Design Context
  • PLAN 3001.03: Landscape Ecology
  • PLAN 3002.03: Reading the City
  • PLAN 3005.03: Cities and the Environment in History
  • PLAN 3006.03: Reading the Landscape
  • An additional three credit hours in PLAN