BSc (120 credit hour) Major in Mathematics

The 120 credit hour Major is suited to students who want to focus on Mathematics, but wish to have a program that is somewhat less constrained than the Honours program. Students in a Major program normally choose to concentrate in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Mathematics Education.

Departmental Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements sections, students in a BSc Major program in Mathematics must complete the following courses:

1000 level
  • MATH 1030.03: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I
2000 level
  • MATH 2001.03: Intermediate Calculus I/MATH 2002.03: Intermediate Calculus II
  • MATH 2040.03: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra II (or MATH 2135.03: Linear Algebra)
  • At least one of MATH 2112.03: Discrete Structures I, MATH 2051.03: Problems in Geometry or MATH 2505.03: Introductory Analysis
  • Six additional credit hours in MATH at or above 2000 level
  • Three credit hours in a STAT course at or above 2000 level
3000 level
  • 24 additional credit hours in MATH at or above the 3000 level. This selection may not include MATH 3700.03: Mathematics for Economists, MATH 3800.03: Financial Economics.
Programming requirement
  • Students must complete a 3-credit course that incorporates computer programming.  Suggested course is one of CSCI 2202, MATH/STAT 2300, PHYC2050/MATH2052, or permission of advisor.

Students wishing to concentrate in Applied Mathematics should choose the additional MATH courses from

Students wishing to concentrate in Pure Mathematics should choose the additional MATH courses from

Students contemplating a career in Mathematics Education should choose the additional MATH courses from

Note: Students will not receive credit for taking MATH 1115.03 after receiving credit for MATH 1000.03, MATH 1500X, or MATH 1215.03