Diploma in Actuarial Science

(30 credit hours)

Students with a general 90 credit hour BSc degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or another quantitative discipline, may apply for admission into a Diploma in Actuarial Science program, provided they have completed the appropriate Mathematics and Statistics courses. A strong background in Mathematics and Statistics is necessary, and courses taken should cover multidimensional calculus (equivalent to MATH 2001: Intermediate Calculus I), matrix theory (equivalent to MATH 2030: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I) and basic probability theory (equivalent to STAT 2060: Introduction to Probability and Statistics).

Departmental requirements

In cases that students have already taken some of the above courses prior to entering the program, in consultation with the Actuarial Science undergraduate academic advisor, students can choose other same level ACSC, STAT or MATH courses as substitute courses to fulfil the total credit hour requirement.

After completion of the diploma program, students will be prepared to write most of the Society of Actuarial examinations.