Certificate in Intercultural Communication

The Certificate in Intercultural Communication is open to students from any Faculty at Dalhousie, and welcomes both Canadian and International students. It offers the globally-minded student an opportunity to combine academic and experiential learning in order to understand and communicate more effectively with people from cultures different from their own.

Contact Person:         Dr. David T. Matthias
Location:                   McCain 3030
Contact information:   (902) 494-1440   CIC@dal.ca
Website:                    dal.ca/cic

Academic Components

(graduate students may receive advance standing for these components)

  1. One full academic credit focusing on the understanding of culture, chosen from the list below.
  2. Foreign/second language at or beyond the 2000 level or equivalent N.B. This requirement is satisfied:
    1. by taking foreign/second language courses at Dalhousie at the second-year level
    2. if the student is a native speaker of a language other than English and studying at Dal
    3. by non-credit community-based learning of such languages as Mi’kmaq or American Sign Language

N.B. Approval of the advisor is required for those students wishing to satisfy this requirement by options (II) or (III) above.

Extended Experiential Component

  1. Minimum one semester work or study abroad (or at Dalhousie for international students)
  2. Minimum (75 hours) volunteering or working in an intercultural context within Canada

N.B. Students may satisfy this requirement by a blending of work/study abroad for less than one full semester and a local volunteer or work placement. Students wishing to satisfy this requirement by a volunteer or work placement, or a blend of study abroad and work/volunteer placement, need the approval of the advisor.

Theoretical and practical understanding of issues in intercultural communication (three credit hours required: ASSC 3150.03).

Courses satisfying the Academic credit (six credit hours required):