Certificate in Aquaculture and the Environment

Offered by: Faculty of Science 

Coordinator: Dr. Diego Ibarra Diego.ibarra@dal.ca (Biology)

Eligibility: The certificate is open to any Dalhousie undergraduate student. Non-degree Dalhousie students may qualify for the certificate if they fulfill all course requirements at Dalhousie.

Overview:  The Certificate in Aquaculture and the Environment consists of courses that include lectures, laboratories, and visits to coastal and land-based aquaculture sites. It is designed to provide students with knowledge of, and experience with general aspects of the cultivation of aquatic species. The emphasis is on understanding aquaculture - environment interactions, and acquiring the knowledge, skills and quantitative tools needed to assess and reduce the environmental footprint of aquaculture operations. 

Additional information on this certificate is available at: https://www.dal.ca/faculty/science/programs/diploma-certificate-programs/aquaculture.html

Admission to Certificate

To enrol in the Certificate in Aquaculture and the Environment, students must declare the certificate through Dal Online (https://dalonline.dal.ca >Web for Students>Admissions>Declare Major/Minor/Certificate), and notify the Certificate Coordinator by e-mail. To qualify for the certificate, students must complete the course requirements, and have received approval from the Certificate Coordinator if a course other than MARI 3604 is used to fulfil subject area F.  

To graduate with the Certificate, students must Apply to Graduate with a Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program. 

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the Certificate in Aquaculture and the Environment, students must take one course from each of six subject areas (A to F), with a minimum of B- in each course. Note that most of these courses may also count toward a Major, Minor or Honours program in Biology or Marine Biology.

A. Introduction to aquaculture

B. Practical Skills in Acquaculture

C. Biology of Aquatic Organisms  

One of

D. Aquaculture and the environment  

  • MARI 4600.03: Ecosystem modelling for Aquaculture 

E. Aquaculture management  

One of  

F. Industry-relevant knowledge and experience   

** One of    

 * These courses must be pre-approved (prior to start of the course) by the certificate coordinator as having a focus on aquaculture

** Some alternatives used to fulfil Requirement F are not available to students in all programs. For example, MARI 4900 is open only to students in the Marine Biology Honours program, MARI 8891 and ENVS 8891 are open only to students in Marine Biology or Environmental Science Co-op programs.