Certificate in International Rural Development

The Certificate in International Rural Development explores the importance of rural issues in a globalized context, especially the role of agriculture and rural communities. It will emphasize learning about small-scale agricultural systems, rural development, economic trends, and leadership processes in farming & rural communities.

This program prepares students for careers in international rural development by giving them expertise specific to this field. In completing five courses as part of this certificate program, students will understand the importance of rural issues in a global context, especially the role of agriculture and rural communities in the global south (broadly, South America, Asia, and Africa). The Faculty of Agriculture is home to faculty and staff who have expertise in rural studies and international agriculture so students can expect to gain learning from first-hand experience and research.

This certificate is open to students eligible for admission to or enrolled in a BSc or BSc (Agr) program at either of Dalhousie’s Halifax or Truro campuses.

Certificate Requirements

Total of 15 credit hours required to be completed within 5 years (maximum).

Required Course

IAGR 3002: International Rural Development (H)

Optional Courses

Any FOUR from the list below:

SPEC 2001: Topics in International Development (A)
RURS 3000: Rural Community Economic Development (H)
PHLA 3000: Environmental and Agricultural Ethics (H)
IAGR 3000: Tropical Agriculture (A)
EXTE 3001: Leadership Development in the Social Action Process (H)
HISA 3000: Rural History (H)
ANSC 3007: African Wildlife Ecology (A) (involves a trip component)
IAGR 4000: Global Seminar on Rural Sustainability (A)
AGRI 4000: Contemporary Issues in Agriculture (A)
AGRI 4001: Agriculture, Food and Well Being (AH)
ECOA 4004: Trade (AH)
*note that some courses have pre-requisites 

To inquire further about the requirements for the Certificate in International Rural Development, please contact Program Coordinator, Greg Cameron (gregory.cameron@dal.ca).