Certificate in Food Bioscience

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Food Bioscience will allow you to become specialized in the area of food and food components.  You will study the chemical, microbiological, health, and regulatory aspects of foods, food ingredients, and neutraceuticals.

Having an initial bachelor's degree, the specialization at the post-baccalaureat level will position you to contribute to commercial and research organizations developing, producting, marketing and analyzing novel food and nutraceutical products.  There has never been a greater time in Canada to get involved in this industry and gain skills and knowledge related to emerging areas of food and nutraceutical sciences for the 21st century.  The certificate will also complement and facilitate those who wish to explore postgraduate studies in a wide range of disciplines

This certificate is open to students who possess a Bachelor of Science or similar degree in any natural science or applied life science field with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate studies. Students who have taken any courses listed in their undergraduate program shall receive a maximum of six credit hours waiver to complete the certificate.

Certificate Requirements

Total of 27 credit hours required to be completed within 5 years (maximum).

Required Courses

CHMA 2002.03: Introduction to Biochemistry *
CHMA 3011.03: Fundamentals of Food Chemistry OR FOOD 3012.03: Introductory Food Chemistry
CHMA 4003.03: Instrumental Analysis
FOOD 3002.03: Impact of Food on Health
FOOD 4001.03: Food Quality and Safety
FOOD 4005.03: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
MCRA 2000.03: Microbiology *
MCRA 4001.03: Food Microbiology

*For both Introduction to Biochemistry and Microbiology, if the student has already earned a credit in an equivalent course (3 credits) during the past five years, the required course(s) can be replaced with elective course(s) from the list below.

Optional Courses
Any ONE from the list below:

AGRI 4001.03: Agriculture, Food and Well-being
ANSC 3003.03: Eggs and Dairy Products
ANSC 3004.03: Meat Science
FOOD 4000.03: Directed Studies in Food and Bioproduct Sciences
FOOD 4004.03: Directed Studies in Nutriscience
MCRA 4002.03: Microbiomes in Agriculture
NUTR 3000.03: Introduction to Nutrition

To inquire further about the requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Food Bioscience, please contact Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe (vrupasinghe@dal.ca).