Certificate in Biomedical Engineering

Certificate in Biomedical Engineering

This certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie students in all Faculties; it will not be open for direct application.

Certificate requirements

1.  The student must complete a minimum of 12 credit-hours consisting of the courses listed below and obtain a minimum grade of C in each course. Registration is subject to meeting pre-requisites.

a. One of BIOL 1010, BIOL 1011, BIOL 1020, BIOL 1021 or BIOL 1030
b. One discipline-specific core course related to Biomedical Engineering; one of:

  • ECED 4502 Digital Signal Processing
  • IENG 3303/KINE 3476 Principles of Ergonomics
  • IENG 4443 Quality Control and Reliability
  • CHEE 3203/PEAS 3203 Organic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

c. At least two additional Biomedical Engineering-related courses from the list below:

    • ECED 4760 Biomedical Engineering
    • BIOE 3321 Properties of Biological Materials
    • BIOE 4391 Polymeric Biomaterials
    • IENG 3303/KINE 3476 Principles of Ergonomics
    • IENG 4564 Design and Optimization of Service Systems
    • IENG 4573 Industrial Biomechanics
    • MECH 4650 Biomechanical Engineering
    • MECH 4652 Kinematics of Human Motion
    • Other Biomedical Engineering-related courses of at least at least 3 credit-hours with written approval from the certificate coordinator. This may include courses offered in the Faculties of Engineering, Dentistry, Medicine, Science and Health.

2. The student must complete 6 credit-hours and obtain a minimum grade of B- in their discipline’s Senior Year Project course and the selected project must be designated as being on a Biomedical Engineering topic by their department’s senior year project coordinator.

3. All requirements for the certificate must be met within 36 months of registering for the certificate.

Credits counted towards the Certificate in Biomedical Engineering may not be counted towards any other certificate program.


Note that to obtain a certificate, the degree requirements must be satisfied.  To be awarded a Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.