Civil and Resource Engineering
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Civil Engineering is concerned with the engineering (planning, design and construction) of systems of constructed facilities related to the needs of society. The scope and complexity as well as the interdisciplinary involvements of Civil Engineering continues to increase rapidly with the development of modern science and technology and the population growth with its spiraling demands upon the air-land-water environment. The preparation of the Civil Engineering student is aimed toward meeting these challenges through innovative application of known principles, creative research to discover new approaches, and imaginative design to fulfill society’s needs.

Civil Engineering graduates are found in responsible engineering and administrative positions in industry and government. Some become consultants in planning, design or construction of engineering projects or in specialized fields where the application of research to the solution of practical problems is important. The professional practice of a Civil Engineer includes the conception, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of private and public projects. Included in this are bridges, buildings, highways, airports, railroads, harbors, docks, subways, tunnels, water supply and purification systems, sewage collection and treatment facilities, and water power developments. See the Engineering section for details of Master’s and Doctoral programs.