Master of Science (MSc)

The program is an interdisciplinary master’s degree with an emphasis on thesis work which focuses on tackling problems in biology, molecular biology and health-related fields through significant research contributions in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

This program is set within the framework of current interdisciplinary research conducted within Dalhousie. Students in this program will join a community of researchers in the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics. Resources from the Faculty of Computer Science, Medicine and Science are coordinated to offer a flexible program, with a limited course load and an emphasis on research activities. Students from a broad selection of backgrounds are invited to consider the program. Each candidate is supervised within the research group of their supervisor from the beginning of their tenure.

The program is available on a full-time basis. The only pre-specified course requirement is the program seminar series; however, a selection of specialized courses is usually required by the Admission committee. The specifics of course selection are made on an individual basis in coordination with the candidate, the supervisor(s), and the admission committee.

An admissible research topic must include relevant work on a current biological problem through innovative methodology in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science.