Rau-Chaplin, A., BcS (York), McS, PhD (Carleton), High Performance Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Data Mining & Warehousing, and Risk Analytics

Associate Deans

Beiko, R. G., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Ottawa), Computational biology, Graph algorithms, Machine learning, Evolutionary algorithms, High-performance computing
Blouin, C., BSc (Laval), PhD (Dalhousie), Protein evolution and biophysics, Algorithms, Biogenetics, High-performance computing, Statistical mechanics, Molecular modeling

Graduate Administrators

Cheng, D.
Telephone (902) 717-3232, Email:
Ramamoorthy, V.
Telephone (902) 494-1798, Email:
Teferra, M.
Telephone (902) 494-6438, Email:

Professor Emeritus

Shepherd, M. A., MSc, PhD (Western), Hypertext, Information retrieval, Web information systems, Electronic news, Information filtering, Health informatics
Slonim, J.,
BSc (UBC), MSc (Western), PhD (Kansas), Electronic Commerce, Software Engineering Databases, Distributed Databases, Software Testing, Transaction Management, Software Architecture


Abidi, S., BEng (NED, Eng and Tech), MSc (Miami), PhD (Surrey), Knowledge management, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Informatics, Knowledge discovery and data mining, Neural Networks, Enterprise Information Systems
Arnold, D., Diploma (Dortmund), MSc (Simon Fraser), PhD (Dortmund), Evolutionary computation, Optimization
Beiko, R. G., BSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Ottawa), Computational biology, Graph algorithms, Machine learning, Evolutionary algorithms, High-performance computing
Blouin, C., BSc (Laval), PhD (Dalhousie), Protein evolution and biophysics, Algorithms, Phylogenetics, High-performance computing, Statistical mechanics, Molecular modeling
Bodorik, P., BSc (Calgary), MEng, PhD (Carleton), Databases and Distributed databases, Architectural support for operating systems
Brooks, S., BSc (Brock), MSc (UBC), PhD (Cambridge), Computer graphics, image editing and visualization
Heywood, M., BEng (Plymouth), PhD (Essex), Genetic programming; Classification; Reinforcement learning, Evolutionary gaming
Keselj, V., BSc (Belgrade), MSc, PhD (Waterloo), Natural language processing, Text mining, Information retrieval, Multiagent systems, Algorithmic number theory
Matwin, S., MSc, PhD (Warsaw), DSc (Pol Acad of Sci), Machine learning, Data mining, Text mining
Milios, E., Dipl Eng (NTUA), SM, EE, PhD (MIT), Networked information spaces, Machine learning, Text mining, Visual text analytics
Sampalli, S., BEng (Bangalore), PhD (Indian Institute of Science), Network security, High-performance routing and switching, Hybrid (wireless and optical) networks design, Active networks, Secure grid computing
Torgo, L., PhD (Porto),  Machine learning, Utility-based predictive analytics, Time series forecasting, Spatial & spatiotemporal analytics
Trappenberg, T., MSc, PhD (RWTH Aachen), Computational neuroscience, Machine learning, Hierarchical temporal memory; Reinforcement learning; Self-organizing maps; Dynamic neural field theory; Classification and modeling, Learning and memory
Watters, C. R., BSc, MSc, MLS (Western), PhD (TUNS), Provost and VP Academic, Information retrieval, Web information systems, Virtual documents, Hypertext
Zeh, N., MCS (Dipl-Inf) (Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena), PhD (Carleton), Algorithms and data structures, I/O-efficient and cache-oblivious algorithms, Parallel algorithms, Graph algorithms, Computational geometry
Zincir-Heywood, A. N., BSc, MSc, PhD (Ege Univ), Network security, Network management and Network information retrieval

Associate Professors

Blustein, J., BSc, MSc, PhD (Western), Hypertext and digital libraries, Human-computer interaction, Postcolonial computing
Gagie, T., BSc (Queen's), MSc (Toronto), Dr rer nat (Bielefeld), Algorithms and data structures, Bioinformatics, Data compression
He, M., BEng (Nanjing P&T), MMath, PhD (Waterloo), Algorithms and data structures, Computational geometry
McAllister, M., BMath (Waterloo), MS, PhD (UBC)
Oore, S., BSc Hon (Dalhousie), MSc, PhD (Toronto), Machine learning, Deep learning, Computational creativity, Neural networks
Paulovich, F., BSc, MSc (Sao Carlos), PhD (Sao Paulo), Information visualization, Visual analytics, Visual data mining, Machine learning, Data mining
Ralph, P., BComm, BSc (Memorial), PhD (UBC), Software engineering, Human-computer interaction, Agile methods, Human-centred desigh, Game development, Software design, Research methods, Qualitative methods
Reilly, D., BA Hons (McGill), BEd (Queen's), PhD (Dalhousie), Ubiquitous computing, Collaborative technology, Information visualization, Mixed reality, Human-computer interaction
Ye, Q., BEng, MEng (Harbin), PhD (Alberta), Mobile and wireless neworks, Internet of things, Network security, Cloud computing, Data Analytics

Assistant Professors

Haque, I., PhD (Alberta), Network design and optimization, Software devine networking, Internet of things, Cyber physical system
Malloch, J., BA (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (McGill), Human computer interaction
Orji, R., BSc (UNIZIK), MSc (METU), PhD (Saskatchewan), Human-computer interation, Persuasive technology, Behaviour change systems, Games for change, Personalized and adaptive systems, Human-computer interation for health, Human-computer interaction for development

University Teaching Fellows

Brodsky, A., BMath (Waterloo), MSc, PhD (UBC)

Senior Instructors

Aziz, K., BSc (UET Lahore), MSc (NUS), PhD (TU Wien)
Kalyaniwalla, N., BSc (Xavier's), MS, PhD (RPI)
MacKay, B.,
BA (Mt. Allison), BTHMgmt (MSVU), PhD (Dalhousie)


Abbas, F., BCS (UofK), MS (MUM), MCS (Dalhousie)
Hawkey, K., BCSc, PhD (Dalhousie)
Mosquera, G., ALA (UEES), BIT (CSU), MEC (Dalhousie)
Sampangi, R.,
BEng (NIE), M.Tech (UOM), PhD (Dalhousie)
Siegel, A.,
BSc (Eckerd), MSc, PhD (Dalhousie)

Adjunct (FGS)

Abusharekh, A., BSc (Al-Azhar), MSc, PhD (George Mason), Computer networks and network traffic analysis, attributed and concurrent programming, Service-Oriented computing, discrete event simulation, Big Data analytics
Baltzer, O., MEng (Hochschule Technik & Wirtschaft), MSC (Reading), PhD (Dalhousie), Parallel and distributed computing, Risk analytics, Software architecure and software engineering
Bradbury, I., BSc, MSc, BEd (Memorial), PhD (Dalhousie)
Cox, P. T., BSc, MSc (Auckland), PhD (Waterloo), Visual Programming and Design Languages; Computational Logic; Logic and Functional Programming
Gerow, Aaron, BA (Pacific Lutheran), MA (Univ. College Dublin), PhD (Trinity College Dublin)
Islam, A., BSc (Khulna), MSc, PhD (Ottawa), Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Text Analytics
Kayacik, H., BSc (Ege), MSc, PhD (Dalhousie)
Langlais, P., BSc, MS, PhD (Aix-Marseille), Natural Language Processing
Lapalme, G., BSc, MSc, PhD (Montreal)
Lucic, V., Dipl. Ing. E. Eng. (Univ Nis), MASc, PhD (Waterloo), stochastic analysis and optimal control, application of statistical and econometric methods in financial prediction
Makanju, Tokunbo, BSc (Lagos), MCS, PhD (Dalhousie)
McIntyre, A., BSc (Mt. A), PhD (Dalhousie)
Moh'd, A., BSc, MSc (Jordan), PhD (Dalhousie), Big data analytics, Natural languge processing, Machine learning, High performance computing, Information security and privacy, Elliptic-curve cryptography, Wireless sensor networks
Molloy, S., BEng (Concordia), MEng, PhD (Memorial)
Nourashrafeddin, H., BCE (Sharif), MSc (Amirkabir), PhD (Dalhousie)
Pei, J., BEng MEng (Shanghai Jiao Tong), PhD (Simon Fraser), Big data processing and analytics, Data mining and knowledge discovery, Data warehousing and online analytic processing, ifnromation retrieval, Health informatics, Bioinformatics, Database systems
Popowich, F., BSc (Alberta), MSc (Simon Fraser), PhD (Edinburgh)
Rahman, M., BSc (AIU-Bangladesh), MSc (Asian Instit. of Technology), PhD (Dalhousie), Network security
Riordan, D., BSc, MSc (Port Elizabeth), PhD (Carleton), Expert systems, Intelligent systems
Shepherd, M. A., MSc, PhD (Western), Hypertext, Information Retrieval, Web Information Systems, Electronic News, Information Filtering, Health Informatics
Silver, D., BSc (Acadia, CIM (SMU), MSC, PhD (Western), Machine learning, Intelligent agents and adaptative software systems, User modeling and user adapted interfaces, Handheld and wireless technologies, Robotics, Knowledge management, E-commerce
Slonim, J., BSc (UBC), MSc (Western), PhD (Kansas), Electronic Commerce, Software Engineering Databases, Distributed Databases, Software Testing, Translation Management, Software Architecture
Sokolova, M., Dipl (Moscow State), MSc, PhD (Ottawa)
Soto, A., Dipl.Eng. (UNS, Argentina), PhD (UNS, Argentina). Machine learning, Data Analytics, Text  Mining, Visual Analytics, Cheminformatics, Statistical Modeling
Spurr, C., BSc, MHI (Dalhousie)
Wang, H., BSc (UNB), MSc, PhD (Toronto)
Wasilewski, P., MA, PhD (Jagiellonian), PhD (Warsaw)
Wilson, G., BA, MCS, PhD (Dalhousie)
Wolkowicz, J., MSc (Warsaw), PhD (Dalhousie)

Cross Appointments

Abidi, S., MBBS (Karachi), MSc (Sains Malaysia), PhD (Dalhousie), Health Knowledge Management, Critical Decision Support, Health Knowledge Modeling and Computerization, Patient-Centered Care, Comorbid Care Planning, Knowledge Translation, Health Information Systems, Evaluation of Health Information Systems
Janssen, J., MSc (Eindhoven), PhD (Lehigh), Analysis and modelling of self-organizing networks, combinatorial optimization
Klein, R., BA (SUNY), MA, PhD (Oregon), Human perception, attention, cognition and performance; Cognitive neuroscience; Applied cognitive psychology. Visual attention and its disorders; Ready and dyslexia; Eye witness testimony, human factors, performance rhythms, counterfeit detection, problem gambling
Lehmann, C., Dipl, MD, PhD, (Humboldt), Microcirculation
Selinger, P., PhD (Univ Pennsylvania), Mathematics and Statistics. Semantics of programming languages; Quantum computing
Smit, M., BSc, McS, (Hons) (Dalhousie), PhD (Alberta), cloud computing, tool support for research dissemination, discovery in research communities, management of cloud-scale data, enabling open information
Wach, G., BA (Hons) (UWO), MSc (South Carolina), PhD (Oxford), Earth Sciences