Master of Computer Science (MCSc)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Master Computer Science (MCSc) program all students must have completed a four-year undergraduate program in Computer Science with high standing. Their Computer Science background must be at least equivalent to that covered by the core courses in the Dalhousie Bachelor of Computer Science program. Students who do not meet these requirements may be admitted with a requirement to complete specific undergraduate courses in addition to their graduate program requirements to make up for deficiencies in their background.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Information pertaining to the English language proficiency requirement is given in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations. Both TOEFL and IELTS results are accepted as proof of English language proficiency. For admission into graduate programs in Computer Science a score of at least 580 on the written TOEFL test, a 92 on the internet-based test, or at least 7.0 on the IELTS test is required.

Information and Application Forms

For further information please visit or contact the Chair of the Computer Science Graduate Committee at (902) 494-6438. Applications are to be submitted electronically. Please follow the application instructions at

Academic Regulations

Program Requirements

The requirements for a MCSc degree consist of not less than 12 credit hours and a thesis selected upon the advice of the thesis supervisor. The thesis is equivalent to 18 credit hours.

The thesis shall be written under the guidance of a thesis supervisor, and must be satisfactory to an examining committee established by the Faculty. The candidate must present an oral thesis defence.

Registration Requirement and Duration of Studies

A student is required to register each academic term to maintain eligibility to continue in the program. Students who enter the program meeting normal admission requirements may be able to complete the requirements in 16 months. For information on maximum time limits for completion of program requirements, leaves of absence, and extensions, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations in this calendar.