Master of Electronic Commerce (MEC)

The Faculty of Computer Science in partnership with the Faculties of Management and Law offer the degree of Master of Electronic Commerce.

Electronic Commerce is a discipline whose underpinnings lie equally in technology, business, and social and economic policy. Distinct from any of the disciplines that comprise it, this multi-disciplinary two-year program consists of core courses, stream courses, an industrial internship, and a project. Students study core topics in each of the three areas and concentrate in depth in one of them by choosing one of three streams of study: Technology, Business and Policy.

The program may also offer the student an opportunity for study abroad at other member universities of an international consortium mandated and endorsed by the G7 to develop a Global Master of Electronic Commerce. The core of this program is intended to be common throughout the consortium with institutions offering courses outside the core, according to their individual strengths. Dalhousie University is the only Canadian participant in this international consortium.

For a complete description of this program please see the Electronic Commerce entry in this calendar. Please also visit the program’s website at for information concerning updates to the program’s regulations and course offerings. Email queries to can be addressed to