Master of Science (MSc) Degree Program

The minimum time for completion of the MSc degree is 12 months of full-time study (see Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations, Section 2.3.1). Experience has shown that most students take at least 24 months to complete their work. Financial support is available for no more than 24 months.

Part-time study is also possible. Conditions for admission to this program are the same as those for full-time students. Financial support is not normally available for part-time study.

Research leading to the preparation and oral defence of a thesis is required.

The equivalent of five graduate courses is required, of which the thesis normally counts as three.

Graduate students are expected to attend the Earth Sciences seminars. ERTH 6301/ERTH 6302: Research Design and Scientific Presentation and ERTH 6351/ERTH 6352: Research Topics in Earth Sciences are compulsory.

A grade of A or better is required in these two courses to transfer to PhD.