Director and Assistant Dean (Interim) (until June 30, 2019)

Kiefte, M., BA, MSc, PhD (Alberta)

Professor Emeritus

Green, W. B., BS, MA, PhD (Syracuse)


Cleave, P., BA/BSW, MClSc, PhD (Kansas). Specific language impairment, Down syndrome, treatment efficacy, language disorders, intervention
Kay-Raining Bird, E., BA, MSc, PhD (Wisconsin). Child language development/disorders, Down syndrome, autism, assessment, intervention
Kiefte, M., BA, MSc, PhD (Alberta). Speech and auditory perception
Wang, J., BS, MA, PhD (SUNY). Central auditory and cochlear physiology/pathology

Associate Professors

Aiken, S., BA, MSc, PhD (Toronto). Electrophysiology, diagnostic audiology, hearing aids
Caissie, R., BPs, MSc, PhD (McGill). Audiological rehabilitation of adults, hearing aids, hearing loss and aging
Hickey, E., BS, MA, PhD (Washington). Treatment of neurological communication disorders, and disability and development/global health issues
Hong, P., BSc, MD (Ottawa), FRCS(C). Pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric hearing, microtia reconstruction, external ear, pediatric hearing loss. Appointment in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine
Ingles, J.,
BA, PhD (Dalhousie). Adult neurogenic language and cognitive disorders

Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education

Balkam, E., BA, MSc (Dalhousie). Speech-language pathology
Mason, S., BSc, MSlSc, AuD (A. T. Stills). Audiology

Adjunct (FGS)

Alexander, B., BSc, MA, AuD (Central Michigan) 
Bance, M.,
BSc, MSc, MBChB (University of Manchester)
Comeau, M., BSc, MSc (Dalhousie)
Delorey, R., BSc, MSc (UWO)
Fergusson, D., BSc, MSc (Dalhousie)
Fillmore, J., BSc, MSc (Dalhousie)
Noel, G., BA, MSc, AuD (A. T. Stills)
Parker, J., BASc, ECE, MSc (Dalhousie)
Santilli, C., BCS, MSc (Dalhousie)
Schmidbauer, J., BA, MA (SUNY)
Verge, J., BSc, MSc (Dalhousie)