Chairperson of Department

Black, D.

Graduate Coordinator

Fierlbeck, K.

Professors Emeriti

Boardman, R., BSc, PhD, DSc (London). International organization, European Politics, Environment
Cameron, D. M., BA (Queen’s), MA, MPhil, PhD (Toronto). Canadian federalism and intergovernmental relations; Canadian public policy; city government
Eayrs, J. G., BA (Toronto), AM, PhD (Col), FRSC
Stairs, D., BA (Dalhousie), MA (Oxon), PhD (Toronto), FRSC, OC. Canadian foreign policy; foreign policy process


Black, D., BA (Trent), MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Canadian and comparative foreign policy; Southern Africa; North-South relations; International Development
Bow, B., BA (UBC), MA (York), PhD (Cornell). International Relations; International Diplomacy and Institutions; International Political Economy; Foreign Policy; Canada-US Relations
Fierlbeck, K., BA (Alta), MA (York), PhD (Cantab). Political theory, health policy and democratic theory
Finbow, R. G., BA (Dalhousie), MA (York), MSc, PhD (London). Comparative politics (Western democracies [Latin America]); Comparative theory; Canadian regionalism
Harvey, F., BA, MA, PhD (McGill). Theories of international relations; International conflict and crises; comparative foreign policy; American foreign policy; Canada - US relations

Associate Professors

Arthur, P., BA (Ghana), MSc (LSE), MA (WLU), PhD (Queen’s). Comparative Politics (African Politics), Development, Foreign Policy
Carbert, L., BA (Alta), MA, PhD (York). Political behaviour; Elections; Women and Politics
Denike, M., BA (Simon Fraser), MA (UBC), LLM (Queen’s), PhD (York). Western political theory; Human rights; Philosophies of law; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory
Good, K., BA, MA (Man), PhD (Toronto). Urban and suburban governance in Canada, Canadian federalism and multi-level governance, Canadian public policy, race relations in Canada
Hayden, A., BA (McGill), MES (York), PhD (Boston College). Environmental and Climate Politics; Politics of Consumption, Political Economy
Zaiotti, R., BA (Bologna), MA (Oxford), PhD (Toronto). European Union; International Relations Theory; International Security; Border control and Immigration Policy; Transatlantic relations

Assistant Professor

Banerjee, K., BA, MA (Chicago), PhD (Toronto). Global Justice and International Ethics; Forced Migration and Refugee Studies; Normative Political Theory and History of Political Thought; Law and Legal Theory; International Relations Theory; Theories of Citizenship, Immigration, and Membership.
Firmini, M.,
BA (Saint Mary's), MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Citizen and Canadian Identity; Canadian Political Institutions; Political theory; Aboriginal Affairs in Canada; Identity Politics and Multiculturalism.
Pruysers, S., BA, MA (Waterloo), PhD (Carleton).  Canadian Politics; Political Parties and Systems; Political Psychology; Political Participation; Gender; Representation.
Sarson, L., BSocSc (UOttawa), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Queens).  International Relation; Indigenous Global Politics; Canadian Foreign Policy; Arctic Studies; Gender and International Relations.

Cross-listed Faculty

Cameron, J., International Development Studies, Dalhousie University
Dodd, S., University of King’s College
Griffiths, A., Political Science, Dalhousie University
Huish, R., International Development Studies, Dalhousie University
Kow, S., University of King’s College
Mannathukkaren, N., International Development Studies, Dalhousie University
Parasram, A., International Development Studies, Dalhousie University
Robertson, N., University of King’s College
Turnbull, L., BA, MA, PhD (Dalhousie).  Canadian Politics with specific focus on ethics, parliament, and citizen engagement.

Adjunct (FGS)

Abelson, D., Mulroney Institute, St. Francis Xavier University
Atkison, L., Dalhousie University
Bail, F.,
Dalhousie University
Batt, S., Dalhousie University
Bickerton, J., St. Francis Xavier University
Eichler, M., Mount Saint Vincent University
El-Masri, S., Dalhousie University
Kenyon, K., University of Winnipeg
Lehre, E., Dalhousie University
Levin, J., St. Francis Xavier University
McGibbon, E., St. Francis Xavier University
Savard, J-F., Ecolé nationale d'administration publique
Savoie, D., Universite de Moncton
Shaw, T., University of Massachusetts
Smith, H., University of Northern BC
Stairs, D., Dalhousie University
Stienstra, D., University of Manitoba 
Whitman, S., Dalhousie University