Certificate in Legal Aspects of Health Administration

Offered by:  School of Health Administration

Coordinator: healthadmin@dal.ca, (902) 494-7097


The purpose of the MHA+ Certificate in Advanced MHA Studies: Legal Matters in Health Administration is to provide MHA students with advanced knowledge of the myriad legal matters in healthcare administration. The Certificate is not a free-standing, nor an entry-level credential. Certificate recipients can neither practice law nor represent themselves to imply the right or competence to practice law.

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

This certificate is only open to students completing the Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Certificate Requirements:

Core course requirements:

HESA 6360.03: Healthcare Law

HESA 6361.03: Business Law for Health Administrators

HESA 6362.03: Advanced Healthcare Law

HESA 6366.015: Health Law and Policy: Current Issues I

HESA 6367.015: Health Law and Policy: Current Issues II

Application of Credit Hours Towards Other Degree Requirements:

Courses completed as part of this certificate may be double-counted towards the requirements of a concurrent degree, subject to approval by the student’s supervisor and graduate coordinator in their primary degree program.  Courses not approved to count towards the primary degree requirements will result in additional tuition fees on a per-course fee basis.