Engineering (Year I & II)

The Associated University Program

Students who have completed the degree requirements for a Diploma of Engineering or a Certificate of Applied Science from one of the Associated Universities are admissible to the Upper Division in the Faculty of Engineering. Admission to specific programs is competitive and is based on the students’ academic standing. The Associated Universities are:

Acadia University

    Wolfville, Nova Scotia
    A. Mitchell, Director
    The Ivan Curry School of Engineering 

Cape Breton University

    Sydney, Nova Scotia
    H. Xia, Director
    Diploma in Engineering Program

St. Francis Xavier University

    Antigonish, Nova Scotia
    F. Comeau, Chairman
    Department of Engineering 

Saint Mary's University

    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    D. MacNeil, Director
    Division of Engineering 


Each of the Associated Universities establishes its own entrance requirements. Dalhousie University recognizes all of the Associated Universities and ensures proper standards of achievement by means of the Associated Universities Directors of Engineering Committee. The program at each Associated University contains courses fulfilling the minimum entrance requirements established by the Senate of Dalhousie University. Students who complete the applied science or engineering program at an Associated University may receive a Certificate or Diploma and are normally admitted to the programs in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, or Mineral Resource at Dalhousie without examination. Students should ensure that their course selection at the Associated Universities include the discipline specific courses relevant to their program of choice. Not all Associated Universities offer all discipline specific courses, and students should contact the office of the Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering at the Sexton location, for details. Students who have completed equivalent university studies elsewhere may also be admitted subject to Dalhousie University Regulations.

Note: The final intake of Mineral Resource Engineering will be in Fall 2021.

Please refer to the Graduate and Professional Calendar for details of graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering.