Adult Learning & Teaching

Certificate in Adult Learning Fundamentals

Completion of these courses will earn you the Certificate in Adult Learning Fundamentals.  All required courses can be taken individually. 

Theories of Adult Learning
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
Program Design
Instructional Methods
Effective Facilitation 

Advanced Certificate in Adult Learning and Teaching

This certificate includes the same five required courses listed above, as well as three electives. Completion of these courses will earn you the Advanced Certificate in Adult Learning and Teaching. 

Please choose three electives from the list below, in addition to the five required courses, to earn this advanced certificate. 

Needs Assessment
Assessing Learning
Tools and Technologies for Learning
Indigenous Teaching and Learning
Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace and Community
Mindfulness at Work
Psychological Health in the Workplace: Managing Stress and Emotions 

Courses & Workshops

Online Design and Delivery (Asychronous)
In this self-paced, 8-hour course, you will learn how to move teaching content online or develop new online courses.

Interrupting Unconscious Bias (Asychronous)
In this self-paced, 12-hour course, you will look inwards and dig deep into your beliefs, bringing them to the forefront so you can explore the ways in which your biases impact how you interact with others.

Train the Trainer (Online Workshop)
In this four-week, online workshop, you will build skills and confidence in designing and delivering dynamic, interactive, and effective training sessions.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
In this course, you will explore the concepts of diversity and inclusion, reflect on your own lived experience, and draw connections between diversity and inclusion and the success of businesses and their employees.