Health & Wellness

Positive mental health and well-being can help you cope with challenges and improve your productivity at work. Through these courses, you will gain new skills and perspectives to guide you and you will learn strategies to sustain your own mental health and that of others in your life - at work, your communities and at home.

Standalone Courses

Single courses for professional or personal interest.

  • Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace and Community
    This four-week course will help you to see the talents and opportunities, and not just the challenges that the neurodiverse and those with mental health histories can bring to the workplace. Learn more about mental health from the patient’s perspective and what you need to know about barriers for people with learning disabilities.

  • Mindfulness at Work
    This four-week course provides sustainable techniques and practices to reduce your stress levels, refocus your attention, and increase your productivity in your professional, as well as your personal life. If you have tried some form of mindfulness practice before but have given up again because it was “too hard," consider this course - it's different.

  • Psychological Health in the Workplace: Managing Stress and Emotions
    This five-week course will explore the impacts of Canadians’ mental health in the workplace, the statistics and legislation, as well as facilitating your internal capacity to develop and promote a culture that focuses on mental wellness.