Writing & Communications

Effective communication is key to a successful business. Develop the skills you need to communicate with style and confidence in the workplace.


  • Agile Communications
    Learn the latest trends and technological tools in order to be an agile communicator and leader. You need to complete six courses in two years (four required courses and two electives) to earn the certificate in Agile Communications. These courses can also be taken individually.

Required Courses:

  • Engaging the Superpowers within Each Generation
  • Grabbing the Spotlight: Communicating about Yourself
  • Grammar Tune-up
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Technical Writing
    You're interested in this certificate because you're looking for a grammar refresh or strategies to write concise and informative technical reports and proposals. This certificate is intended for professionals working in a technical field such as engineering, technology, or science. To earn the certificate, you need to take four courses. These courses can also be taken individually.

Required Course:

  • Technical Writing Essentials

Three Electives:

  • Grammar Tune-up
  • Writing Clear Technical Reports
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Writing Emails that Get Results
  • Project Management Documents

Standalone Courses

While these courses are part of the Certificate in Agile Communications, they can also be taken on their own:

  • Virtual Presentations for the New Normal
    This five-week course will help you create compelling, confidence-inspiring online presentations, whether you're presenting project updates or webinars to one person or one thousand.

  • Increase Your Personal Impact using Persuasion and Influence
    This four-week course will demonstrate how persuasion and influence really work. Learn simple techniques to increase your personal impact and change your world for the better, both ethically and subtly.

  • Inclusive, Collaborative, Transparent: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Today
    This six-week course will help you customize and lead proven problem-solving and decision-making processes while building trust through adherence to the principles and best practices of inclusion and collaboration.

  • Digital Literacy and Acumen
    This course will teach you how to analyze and use data to strengthen your organization. Participants will also gain an understanding of elements of the enterprise IT landscape and learn what the megatrends are that drive change, such as processing