BCD Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability

The Bachelor of Community Design (BCD) is offered by the School of Planning in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. Students with a particular interest in sustainability and the design of communities may choose to complete the BCD Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability. This is a 120 credit hour (4-year) degree.

Community Design Requirements

See School of Planning for specific requirements

Sustainability Requirements

  • SUST 1000.06: What is Sustainability? or SUST 1400.03 Exploring Sustainability (online)
  • SUST 1001.06: A Sustainable Future
  • SUST 2000.06: Local Governance, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability
  • SUST 2001.06: Global Environmental Governance
  • SUST 3000.03: Environmental Decision-Making
  • SUST 4001.03: Environment, Sustainability and Society Capstone Part 1
  • SUST 4002.03: Environment, Sustainability and Society Capstone Part 2*
  • 3 more credit hours SUST at 3000-level or above
  • 6 more credit hours SUST or ESS electives, outside PLAN
  • SUST 1000.06 satisfies the BCD English writing requirement. SUST 1400.03 does NOT satisfy the Writing Requirement.
  • SUST 1000.06 and SUST 1001.06 both satisfy the science requirement and social science requirement for BCD students

 * SUST 4001.03 and SUST 4002.03 must be taken in consecutive Fall and Winter terms. Credit will not be granted for SUST 4001 without completion of SUST 4002.