BCD Honours, Double Major in Community Design (Environmental Planning or Urban Design and Planning) and Sustainability

The Bachelor of Community Design (BCD) is offered by the School of Planning in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. Students with a particular interest in sustainability and the design of communities may choose to complete the BCD Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability.

Students with high academic standing may apply for the BCD Honours program. The BCD Honours program is a first professional degree recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners, BCD Honours students select a Major in Environmental Planning or Urban Design and Planning. The Honours degree can also be completed as a Double Major with Sustainability.

Community Design Requirements

See School of Planning for specific requirements

Sustainability Requirements

  • SUST 1000.06: What is Sustainability? or SUST 1400.03: Exploring Sustainability (online)
  • SUST 1001.06: A Sustainable Future
  • SUST 2000.06: Local Governance, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability
  • SUST 2001.06: Global Environmental Governance
  • SUST 3000.03: Environmental Decision-Making
  • 3 more credit hours SUST at 3000-level or above
  • SUST 1000.06 satisfies the BCD English writing requirement. SUST 1400.03 does not satisfy the Writing Requirement.
  • SUST 1000.06 and SUST 1001.06 both satisfy the science requirement and social science requirement for BCD students