Diploma in Engineering

The Diploma in Engineering program on Dalhousie's Agricultural campus can be the starting point for your degree of Bachelor of Engineering on the Sexton campus in Halifax.

Engineering is a structured program requiring that all disciplines take the same courses during the first year of study. During the second year, students take a mix of core and discipline-specific courses. Courses that are common to all disciplines (core) include Computer Science, Engineering Design, Electric Circuits, Physics, Calculus and Statistics. Discipline-specific courses include Digital Circuits, Dynamics, Bioresource Processing and Thermofluids II.

Students who complete their Diploma in Engineering on the Agricultural campus are not required to re-apply to the Sexton campus to complete the degree of Bachelor of Engineering.

Required Courses & Suggested Schedule

Year I Semester I

CHMA 1000.03: General Chemistry I
ENGN 1001.03: Engineering Design I
ENGN 1002.03: Engineering I
ENGN 1006.03: Technical Communications in Professional Engineering
MTHA 1000.03: Introductory Calculus I
PHYS 1002.03: Physics I

Year I Semester II

CHMA 1001.03: General Chemistry II
CSCA 2000.03: Computer Science
MTHA 1001.03: Introductory Calculus II
MTHA 3000.03: Applied Linear Algebra
PHYS 1003.03: Physics II
STAA 2001.03: Probability & Statistics for Engineering

Year II Semester III

EGLA 1000.03: Composition
ENGN 3000.03: Electric Circuits
ENGN 3002.03: Thermo-fluids I
ENGN 3016.03: Engineering Economy
MTHA 2000.03: Multivariable Calculus
* Writing elective / Discipline - specific elective (Chemical Engineering only)

Year II Semester IV

ENGN 3017.03: Engineering Design II
MTHA 2001.03: Differential Equations
* Writing elective (Chemical Engineering only) / Discipline - specific electives

* Required Discipline-specific courses:

Semester III:

Chemical: CHMA 2000.03: Organic Chemistry

Semester IV

Chemical: ENGN 2014.03.03 & ENGN 3011.03
Civil: ENGN 3006.03, ENGN 3011.03 & GELA 2000.03
Electrical: CSCA 2001.03, ENGN 3004.03 & ENGN 3008.03
Environmental: ENGN 3006.03, ENGN 3011.03 & GELA 2000.03
Industrial: CSCA 2001.03, ENGN 2201.03 & ENGN 3006.03
Mechanical: ENGN 2005.03, ENGN 3006.03 & ENGN 3011.03
Mineral Resources: ENGN 3006.03, ENGN 3011.03 & GELA 2000.03

All students must take a 3 credit hour writing elective (EGLA 1001.03, EGLA 1002.03, GEOA 1000.03 or SOCI 1000.03) in addition to EGLA 1000.03, and 9 credit hours of discipline - specific electives as outlined above.