Diploma in Technology Managed Landscapes

The Diploma in Technology Managed Landscapes is a two-year program which helps prepare students for careers with landscaping firms, planning agencies, recreational parks, or institutions, or in self-employed roles as landscape horticultural technologists.

The Diploma in Technology Managed Landscapes is a fully approved Certified Horticultural Technician integrated educational program, recognized by the International Certification Council (ICC) and the Certification Committee of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA). Interested students can apply for a Passport to Certification that enables modular training and testing toward international recognition as a Certified Horticultural Technician. The curriculum fully encompasses the requirements for certification in various industry sectors.

Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Technology Managed Landscapes with a cumulative average of at least 2.0 are eligible for admission to the two-year Bachelor of Technology Environmental Landscape Horticulture program, as years one and two of the BTech Environmental Landscape Horticulture program are satisfied by the successful completion of the Diploma.

Required Courses

Year I Semester I

EGLA 0101.02 Writing for Business
HORT 1000.03: Landscape Plants I
HORT 1002.03: Turfgrass Production and Management
HORT 1003.03: Landscape Horticulture I
SOIL 2000.03: Introduction to Soil Science

Year I Semester II

APSC 0101.02: Horticultural Technology
HORT 1001.03: Landscape Plants II
HORT 1005.03: Landscape Installation
HORT 2012.03: Landscape Maintenance

Year II Semester III

BIOA 0200.02: Entomology
APSC 0100.02: Surveying
HORT 1006.03: Landscape Plants III
HORT 2011.03: Arboriculture
HORT 2013.03: Landscape Horticulture II

Year II Semester IV

BIOA 0101.02: Plant Pathology
BIOA 0103.02: Weed Science
HORT 2008.03: Residential Landscape Design and Construction

Required Workplace Readiness certificates:

WHMIS, First Aid, OHS

Recommended Workplace Readiness courses:

CMMT 0020.00 Career and Employment Skills
CMMT 0021.00 Introduction to Public Speaking