Diploma in Technology Plant Science

The two-year Diploma in Technology Plant Science program prepares graduates for exciting careers in the dynamic plant-based industries of the future. Emerging information and technology related to bio-energy, nutrition, health, environmental protection, and plant genetics will make a plant science education a valuable asset. This program provides an innovative approach to the production and use of plant resources, with emphasis on responsible environmental and social stewardship, commercialization of ideas and strong practical skills in horticultural or agronomic plant production techniques, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, communication, and decision-making, all built on a solid foundation in the bio-sciences.

Studies begin with a first year of required courses that allow students to build their knowledge in the bio-sciences, plant production, and business, and to develop their interests. The program then provides the opportunity in the second year to select from a wide variety of courses to give each student the flexibility to match courses to their interests and career goals. With the help of a knowledgeable program advisor, students can choose from courses in edible horticulture, ornamental horticulture, agronomy, plant science, business, or engineering.

Students who graduate from the Diploma in Technology Plant Science program have the ability to make significant progress towards the completion of the BSc (Agriculture) major in Plant Science degree program. Students who graduate from the technology program are awarded a minimum of 30 credit hours toward the BSc (Agriculture) degree, provided all other program requirements are met. In addition, in consultation with the Plant Science Technology Academic Advisor, students can identify additional elective courses that will transfer for credit toward the BSc (Agriculture) major in Plant Science degree program. Plant Science students interested in exploring a pathway from the Diploma to the BSc (Agriculture) are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor early in their program.

Required Courses

Year I Semester I

EGLA 0101.02: Writing for Business
PLSC 1001.03: Introduction to Plant Science
PLSC 2001.03: Plant Propagation Techniques
SOIL 2000.003: Introduction to Soil Science

Year I Semester II

CSCA 1000.03: Computer Methods
MGTA 1004.03: Introduction to Business
MGTA 2000.03: Human Resource Management

Year II Semester III

BIOA 0200.02: Entomology
MGTA 0100.02: Accounting

Year II Semester IV

BIOA 0101.02: Plant Pathology
BIOA 0103.02: Weed Science

In year two, students take three elective courses in each semester chosen in consultation with an Academic Advisor. One course (PLSC 0202.02), if chosen, is taken during the Spring/Summer between Semesters II and III.

Recommended Electives

The following courses are suggested as electives in the study areas related to the Diploma in Technology Plant Science. Courses not on the list may also be eligible as electives; students may choose either technical-level courses or degree courses at the 1000 and 2000 level. Consultation with the program advisor is recommended. Many of these courses have prerequisites; it is the student's responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met.


AGRN 2001.03: Cereal-Based Cropping Systems
HORT 2000.03: Vegetable Production
HORT 2007.03: Small Fruit Crops
HORT 2010.03: Controlled Environment Agriculture I
HORT 2004.03: Viticulture
PLSC 1000.03: Farm Woodlot Management
HORT 2001.03: Principles of Organic Horticulture (Distance)
ENVA 2002.03: Composting and Compost Use (A) (Distance)
AGRI 2000.03: Transition to Organic Agriculture (A) (Distance)
ANSC 0112.02: Animal Biology and Management
APSC 0200.02: Environmental Management
APSC 2011.03: Technology for Precision Agriculture
HORT 1000.03: Landscape Plants I
HORT 1006.03: Landscape Plants III
HORT 1002.03: Turfgrass Production and Management
HORT 1003.03: Landscape Horticulture I
HORT 2011.03: Arboriculture
MGTA 0204.02: Financial Management


AGRN 2008.03: Potato Production
AGRN 2002.03: Forages and Cover Crops
APSC 0101.02: Horticultural Technology
HORT 2006.03: Tree Fruit Crops
HORT 2009.03: Landscape Plant Nursery Management
PLSC 2000.03: Specialty Crops
AGRN 2000.03: Organic Field Crop Management (A) (Distance)
AGRI 2000.03: Transition to Organic Agriculture (A) (Distance)
ANSC 0113.02: Principles of Animal Welfare and Husbandry
ANSC 0114.02: Animal Feed and Nutrition Management
HORT 1001.03: Landscape Plants II
MGTA 2001.03: Introduction to Business Law
MGTA 2006.03: Advertising and Promotion

Spring/Summer (between Years 1 and 2)

PLSC 0202.02: Plant Science Techniques