Bachelor of Technology - Landscape Architecture

The Bachelor of Technology in Landscape Architecture program focuses on designing and creating functional spaces, using an interdisciplinary approach that includes horticultural and engineering skills and applies ecological and environmental knowledge to provide site-specific solutions. This program encourages students to be in tune with natural ecosystems and apply a creative mindset to tackle various environmental and design challenges. Students will be prepared to challenge, innovate and make a difference in the environment. The foundation of the program is the idea of sustainability as a key part of landscape development. This is a multi-disciplinary education and training, which includes engineering, horticulture, architectural design and the environment.

Year 1 Semester I

EGLA 0101.02: Writing for Business
HORT 1000.03: Landscape Plants I
HORT 1002.03: Turfgrass Production and Management
HORT 1003.03: Landscape Horticulture I
SOIL 2000.03: Introduction to Soil Science
ENGN 1001.03: Engineering Design I

Semester II

APSC 0101.02: Horticultural Technology
HORT 1001.03: Landscape Plants II
HORT 1005.03: Landscape Installation
HORT 2012.03: Landscape Maintenance
three credit hours of electives

Year 2 Semester III

ARTS 2000.03: Nature’s Image: A Survey of Landscape Art
APSC 0100.02: Surveying
HORT 1006.03: Landscape Plants III
HORT 2011.03: Arboriculture
HORT 2013.03: Landscape Horticulture II

Semester IV

HORT 2008.03: Residential Landscape Design and Construction
LARC 2000.03: Landscape CAD I
MGTA 1004.03: Introduction to Business
three credit hours of electives

Year 3 Semester V

ENVA 2000.03: Environmental Studies I
HORT 3000.03: Environmental Processes and Natural Landscape Functions
ENVA 3005.03: Geographic Information Systems
APSC 3019.03: Communications Technology
LARC 3000.03: Landscape CAD II:  Introduction to 3D

Semester VI

ENVA 2001.03: Environmental Studies II
CMMT 3000.03: Human Communications and Conflict Resolution
LARC 2001.03: History of Landscape Architecture
LARC 3001.03: Landscape Presentation Techniques
HORT 2005.03: Design and Construction of Turf Facilities

Year 4 Semester VII

HORT 3001.03: Landscape Project Management
ENVA 3021.03: Ecohydrology
LARC 4000.03: Construction and Detailing
LARC 4001.06: Landscape Architecture Studio I
HORT 4000.03: Urban Tree Management

Semester VIII

HORT 3008.03: Horticulture Therapy
LARC 4002.06: Landscape Architecture Studio II
APSC 3015.03: Irrigation and Drainage
three credit hours of electives