Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science)

The BSc (Bioveterinary Science) program is the starting point for your animal-related career of choice. This four-year Bachelor of Science program at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture gives you the foundation for a career in veterinary medicine – and opens up a world of other exciting options. The program is especially designed for students looking for a head start in veterinary medicine. You will be eligible to apply to any of a number of veterinary schools after just two years. Completing a four-year degree in Bioveterinary Science positions you for success as a post-graduate student in programs like animal science, aquaculture, veterinary science and human medicine. Other exciting potential careers include animal health, food safety, veterinary sales, wildlife conservation and biotechnology.

Students in the Bioveterinary Science program who successfully complete the prescribed 120 credit hours of courses with a cumulative GPA at or above the minimum required (2.0), and who are in good standing, will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science), BSc (BVS). The program includes elective courses in several relevant fields.

Requirements of program:

  • 120 credit hours
  • 60 credit hours of required courses outlined below
  • 3 credit hours of approved Languages and Humanities/Social Science electives which must be at 3000 level or above*
  • 39 credit hours of general electives
  • 18 credit hours of electives chosen from the list below, including at least 6 credit hours at the 4000 level

Required Courses and Suggested Schedule

Year I Semester I

BIOA 1002.03:  Biology I
CHMA 1000.03:  General Chemistry I
EGLA 1000.03:  Composition
MTHA 1000.03:  Calculus I
three credit hours of electives

Year I Semester II

BIOA 1003.03:  Biology II
BVSC 1000.03:  Overview of Animal Health Sciences
CHMA 1001.03:  General Chemistry II
PHYS 1000.03:  Physics for Life Sciences
three credit hours of electives

Year II Semester III

BIOA 2000.03:  Cell Biology
CHMA 2000.03:  Organic Chemistry
GENE 2000.03:  Genetics
BIOA 3003.03: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
three credit hours of electives

Year II Semester IV

MCRA 2000.03:  Microbiology
STAA 2000.03:  Introductory Statistics
BIOA 2006.03:  Mammalian Physiology
CHMA 2002.03: Introduction to Biochemistry
three credit hours of electives

After two years, students could have all of the courses required to apply for entrance to any Canadian college of veterinary medicine.

Year III Semester V

BVSC 3000.03:  Veterinary Immunology
NUTR 3000.03:  Animal Nutrition
nine credit hours of electives

Year III Semester VI

BVSC 3001.03:  Veterinary Epidemiology
ANSC 3001.03:  Animal Health
nine credit hours of electives

Year IV Semester VII

15 credit hours of electives

Year IV Semester VIII

15 credit hours of electives

Students must choose 18 credit hours of electives from the following list, including at least six credit hours at the 4000 level:

* One 3000 or 4000 level Humanities or Social Sciences course is required in the program

** Available by distance

Students should plan their programs of study carefully and are strongly encouraged to do so in consultation with a Bioveterinary Science undergraduate academic advisor.