Bachelor of Technology - Small Business Management

The Bachelor of Technology in Small Business Management is a two-year, post-diploma degree program for diploma graduates who have studied a technical (primarily non-business) area at college, community college, polytechnic, or similar tertiary level institution. This degree provides students with the management, communication, and leadership skills necessary to manage a business. Careers in marketing, sales, or service are options.

Students in the Bachelor of Technology in Small Business Management who successfully complete the prescribed 60 credit hours of courses with a minimum GPA of 2.00, and are in good standing, will be granted the degree.

Requirements of the program:

  • 60 credit hours
  • 54 credit hours of required courses outlined below
  • six credit hours of approved electives outlined below
  • 30 credit hours is the maximum allowable for introductory (level 1000 and 2000) courses
  • Completion of degree within 6 years

Required courses and suggested schedule:

Year I Semester I

ECOA 1000.03: Principles of Microeconomics
MGTA 2002.03: Marketing
MGTA 2004.03: Financial Accounting
MGTA 2019.03: Organizational Behaviour
EGLA 1000.03: Composition

Year I Semester II

ECOA 1001.03: Principles of Macroeconomics
MGTA 2000.03: Human Resource Management
CMMT 3000.03: Human Communications and Conflict Resolution
MGTA 1004.03: Introduction to Business
MGTA 3000.03: Management Accounting

Year II Semester III

MGTA 3009.03: Financial Management
MGTA 3001.03: International Marketing
MGTA 3011.03: Marketing Research
EXTE 3001.03: Leadership Development and the Social Action Process
three credit hours of electives

Year II Semester IV

MGTA 4001.03: Advanced Entrepreneurship
MGTA 2001.03: Introduction to Business Law
MGTA 3002.03: Consumer Behaviour
MGTA 4000.03: Strategic Management
three credit hours of electives

In consultation with the Academic Advisor, students must choose six credit hours of electives, three of which must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.