Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science) Honours

The BSc (Bioveterinary Science) Honours program provides an innovative research experience for academically strong students that will prepare them for a research-driven employment opportunity or admission to graduate study. Students who take the Honours program will be able to apply scientific methods in an individual research project, research a scientific question, design and conduct experiments to address a scientific question, develop a critical synthesis of scientific results and communicate experimental concepts effectively both in writing and orally.   

Admission to Honours

Students must apply for admission to the Honours programs. Students considering Honours should consult with an academic advisor early in their studies. To enter the program, students enrolled in the BSc (Bioveterinary Science) Major program must:

  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher after their second year of study
  • identify and gain the support of a thesis supervisor at the start of their third year of studies

Course Requirements

To graduate with Honours, in addition to fulfilling the BSc (Bioveterinary Science) Major degree requirements, students must:

  • complete RESM 4012.03: Animal Research Methods
  • earn a minimum of a B- in the Honours Thesis I and II courses (RESM 4014.03 and RESM 4015.03)
  • achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0


Year 4 Recommended Course Sequencing

Year IV: Semester VII

RESM 4012.03: Animal Research Methods
RESM 4014.03: Honours Thesis I
nine credit hours of electives

Year IV: Semester VIII

RESM 4015.03: Honours Thesis II
12 credit hours of electives

Electives: For more information on electives, please refer to the BSc (Bioveterinary Science) Major program.