Director, School of Architecture

Burnay, D., Dipl Arch (Technical Univ Lisbon), MSc (Arch) (Univ College London)
Telephone: (902) 494-4128 Email:

Undergraduate Secretary, School of Architecture

Morash-Kent, S., BA, BEd, MEd (St. Mary's)
Telephone: (902) 494-3971 Email:

Graduate Secretary, School of Architecture

Hatcher, H., BA (St. F.X.), MA (Memorial)
Telephone: (902) 494-3973  Email:

Director of Career Services, Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Firth, J., BSc, MBA (St. Mary's) 
Telephone: (902) 494-6201 Email:

Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator, School of Architecture

Parcell, S., BArch (Toronto), MArch (Cranbrook), PhD (McGill)
Telephone: (902) 494-3908 Email:

Professors Emeriti

Baniassad, E., BArch (Illinois), MA, PhD (Manchester), FRAIC
Kroeker, R., BES (Manitoba), AA Dipl., ARCUK 
Wanzel, J. G., BArch, MArch (Toronto), MRAIC


Bonnemaison, S., BSc (Concordia), BArch (Pratt), MSc(Arch) (MIT), PhD (UBC)
Cavanagh, E., BSc, BArch (McGill), PhD (Lehigh)
Macy, C., BA (Arch) (California at Berkeley), MArch (MIT), Reg Arch (WA)
Mannell, S., BES, BArch (Waterloo), NSAA, FRAIC 
Parcell, S., BArch (Toronto), MArch (Cranbrook), PhD (McGill)

Associate Professors

Burnay, D., Dipl Arch (Technical Univ Lisbon), MSc (Arch) (Univ College London)
Forren, J., BA (Wesleyan), MArch (MIT), Reg Arch (Mass), NCARB
Lilley, B.,
BES (Manitoba), AA Dipl
Savage, N., BA (Alberta), BEDS, MArch (TUNS), NSAA
Venart, C. A. S., Cert. Eng. (Mt. A), BFA (Toronto), MArch (SCI-Arc), AK NWF (prof. reg. Germany)

Assistant Professors

Dainese, E., BA (Arch), MArch, PhD (IUAV, Italy), OAPPC
Fitzgerald, S., BSc (Univ College London), BID (Kwantlen), BEDS (TUNS), MArch (Dalhousie), PhD (Univ College London), NSAA, AAA, AANB, IDNS, FRAIC
Mullin, R., BEDS, MArch (TUNS)
Parsons, A., BSc (McGill), MES (Dal), SMBT (MIT)
Putman, M., ArchTechDip (Loyalist), BAS, MArch (Carleton), PgDip (Univ College London), ARB, RIBA
Sweetapple, T.,
Verissimo, C., Dipl Arch (Technical Univ Lisbon), MArch II (Harvard)

Senior Instructor

Jannasch, E., BEDS (TUNS), MArch (Dal)


Arquero de Alarcón, M., Prof. arch. (Madrid), MASLA (ETH Zurich), MLAUD (Harvard), DEA (Poly Madrid), COAM (Spain), ASLA, APA; Univ. of Michigan
Braithwaite, P.
, BA (UBC), BEDS, MArch (Dal), NSAA
Butler, T., MEng (Leeds), MSt (Cambridge), MCIBSE, MICE, CEng, MBIFM
Carter, B., Dipl Arch (Nottingham), MArch (Toronto); Univ. at Buffalo
Cormier, A., BSc (Arch), BArch (McGill), CEA Architecture Urbaine (Paris-Villemin); Univ. de Montréal
Corson, J., BEDS, MArch (TUNS), NSAA
Crace, J.
, BSc (Dalhousie), BEDS, BArch (TUNS)
Gallaugher, D., BFA (OCAD), BEDS, MArch (Dal), NSAA
Goodz, D.
, BSc, BArch (McGill)
Henry, P., BEDS, BArch (TUNS), NSAA
Hill, R., BComm, BEDS, MArch (Dal), NSAA
Kam, K.
, BSc (Dal), BEDS (TUNS), MEd (MSVU)
Katsepontes, L., BEDS, MArch (TUNS)
Kawar, R., BA (Arch), MArch (Calif at Berkeley), NSAA, AIA
Mandeville, J., BEng (Memorial), BEDS, MArch (Dal), NSAA
Nycum, B., BEDS, MArch (TUNS), NSAA
Reed, J., BA (Univ. of King's College), MDiv (Atlantic School of Theology)
Robertson, K.
Stotts, E.
, BArch (Rice), AIA, NSAA
Thompson, K.
Trumble, C., BSc(Arch) (Illinois), MArch (Penn), AIA; Univ. of Arizona
Wiedemann, N.
, BDes(Arch) (Florida), MArch (Princeton); AIA, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Willett, J., BA (Queen's), BEDS, MArch (Dal), NSAA