Bachelor of Community Design, Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability (four year program)

The Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability normally requires four years of full time study. It includes 120 credit hours of course work. For complete details about the College of Sustainability see the College of Sustainability section.

Please note that the Bachelor of Community Design, Double Major in Community Design and Sustainability (non-honours) is not accredited by the Professional Standards Board (PSB) as a professional planning degree.

Program requirements are as follows:

Year 1

Note: SUST 1000.06 and SUST 1001.06 satisfy the science requirement, and the social science requirement for BCD students.  SUST 1000.06 satisfies the BCD English writing requirement. 

* If SUST 1400.03 is chosen, the student is also required to take one course from among: PLAN 1201.03, ARCH 1001.03, ARCH 1002.03, ENVS 1001.03, or ENVS 1200.03. Note: SUST 1400 does not fulfil the BCD English writing requirement.

Year 2
  • PLAN 2006.03: Space, Place and Geographic Information Systems
  • PLAN 2009.03: Introduction to Policy Making
  • PLAN 2101.03: Data, Probability and Planning
  • PLAN 2201.03: Introduction to Environmental Planning
  • SUST 2000.06: Local Governance, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability
  • SUST 2001.06: Global Environmental Governance
  • Plus three credit hours of BCD core electives and three credit hours of free electives

Recommended BCD core electives (or free electives) for second year:

Year 3
  • PLAN 3030.03: Site Planning
  • PLAN 3100.03: Transportation and Land Use Planning
  • PLAN 4101.03: History & Theory of Urban Design
  • SUST 3000.03: Environmental Decision Making
  • Three credit hours SUST at 3000-level or above

 Plus choose three courses from among the following:

  • PLAN 3110.03: Planning for Healthy Communities
  • PLAN 3115.03: Social Justice
  • PLAN 3045.03: Community Design Practice
  • ARCH 3106.03: Ancient Settlements, Building & Landscapes
  • ARCH 3107.03: Modern Settlements, Building & Landscapes

Plus choose 3 credit hours core electives and 3 credit hours free electives 


Year 4
  • SUST 4001.03: Environment, Sustainability and Society Capstone Part 1
  • SUST 4002.03: Environment, Sustainability and Society Capstone Part 2 *
  • Six credit hours SUST/ESS electives
  • Select six credit hours from BCD core electives list (at or above the 2000 level). Recommended BCD core electives:

PLAN 4105.03: Land Development Economics

PLAN 4106.03: Transportation Planning

PLAN 4201.03: Waste Management Planning

  • Plus 12 credit hours in electives of student’s choice

* SUST 4001.03 and SUST 4002.03 must be completed in consecutive Fall and Winter terms. Credit will not be granted for SUST 4001.03 without completion of SUST 4002.03.