Student Health & Wellness

Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness is committed to providing quality healthcare and services to promote and enhance students' good health and well-being. Student Health and Wellness services are easily accessible and geared toward the unique health needs and concerns of students.

The Halifax campuses' Student Health & Wellness Centre is located on the second floor of 1246 LeMarchant Street. The Centre's interprofessional team includes:

  • counsellors
  • doctors
  • health promotion experts
  • nurses
  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • social worker

Students can book online, call or stop by the Student Health & Wellness Centre for a same day medical or counselling appointment.

The Agricultural Campus’ Health Services clinic is located in the Dairy Building, next to Cumming Hall. Registered nurses at the clinic provide confidential assessments, health education, on-the-spot testing and treatment for conditions such as urinary tract infections, strep throat, sexually transmitted infections, as well as cold and flu assessments, first aid, stress management guidance, and select immunizations and immunization updates. Nurses also provide referrals to appropriate community resources.

A campus physician is also available by appointment. Physician appointments can be booked by contacting Health Services.

All students must have medical and hospital coverage. All Nova Scotia students are covered by the Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance. All other Canadian students must maintain coverage from their home provinces.

International students have the same access to services, supports, workshops, events and online health and wellness resources as Canadian students, as well as additional services available to you, detailed here. All non-Canadian students must be covered by medical and hospital insurance. Details of the Dalhousie Student Union International Health Plan can be found here

Find out more:

Phone: (902) 494-2171 (Halifax Campuses) (902) 893-6300 (Agricultural Campus) specialist health care providers.