The DalCard is your university identification card that has many uses on and off campus. It must be presented at officially scheduled examinations, to receive bursary or scholarship cheques in person, and to access in-person library services.

It functions as an access pass to Dalhousie athletic facilities including Dalplex, as your dining hall pass with a meal plan, and as a door key to your residence if you live on campus.

Your DalCard can be used as a debit card at many locations on campus including the Bookstore and select food vendors. It can also be used for printing and photocopying, for laundry in residence (Halifax only), and for food purchases at many off-campus locations in Halifax.

The DalCard Office is located at 6230 Coburg Road. Students on the Sexton campus may obtain their DalCard at the Enrolment Services Centre, B Building, 1360 Barrington Street.

Students on the Agricultural Campus may obtain their DalCards from the Enrolment Services Center, Cumming Hall, Room 202, 62 Cumming Dr.

COVID-19 Advisory: Our service offerings for 2021/22 will be dependent upon any COVID-19 response and are subject to change. Thank you in advance for your understanding during these uncertain times.

Find out more: dal.ca/dalcard
Email: dalcard@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-2334