DSU International Health Plan

All international students studying in Canada must have health insurance coverage (“coverage” refers to all of the things that your health plan includes/covers).

All international students are automatically enrolled for coverage under the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) International Health Plan. This plan provides emergency medical coverage for services such as visiting the doctor, lab tests, x-rays, etc.

Please note that co-op or exchange students in the fall term are not billed or enrolled for the International Health Plan and must opt in should they wish to have coverage.

The fee for the DSU International Health Plan is billed to each student’s account and is compulsory unless the student has comparable private health insurance or MSI. If students have comparable coverage or MSI, they may be eligible to opt out of (cancel) the DSU International Health Plan during the appropriate opt out period. Please contact the DSU Health Plan Office for the opt out period dates.

Students are also eligible to add immediate family members (spouse and dependent children) to the plan when they arrive in Nova Scotia by completing an application and paying an additional fee.

Please note international students may be covered on the DSU Health and Dental Plan as well as the DSU International Health Plan. 

Dual citizens who have applied to Dalhousie as a Canadian are NOT enrolled for coverage under the DSU International Health Plan. If you are a dual citizen, please contact the DSU Health Plan Office as soon as possible to discuss your coverage options.

Health Plan Information is available online at www.internationalhealth.ca/dsu.

DSU Health Plan Office Halifax
Student Union Building
Third floor- Room 344

DSU Health Plan Office Truro
MacRae Library- Student Learning Commons
Room 226