Food Services

Working with our professional food services providers, Dalhousie Food Services operates three dining halls on the Studley Campus, one dining hall on the Sexton Campus, and one dining hall on the Agricultural Campus.

A wide selection of meal plans are available for students living in residence as well as off-campus students. 

Our chefs, with the help of our in-house dietitian, prepare entrées and soups from scratch to promote a healthy lifestyle. With vegan, vegetarian, halal and no-gluten options available at each meal -- along with an increasing amount of fresh, locally sourced food -- every student will have a variety of tasty and nutritious options available, regardless of their individual dietary needs.

For added variety and convenience, Dal Food Services also operates a number of on-campus food retail vendors across campus including Starbucks, Subway, the Second Cup, Tim Hortons and many more. 

COVID-19 Alert: Our service offerings for 2021/22 will be dependent upon any COVID-19 response and are subject to change. Thank you in advance for your understanding during these uncertain times.

Find out more:
Email: (Halifax Campus) | (Agricultural Campus)
Phone: 902-494-2078 (Halifax Campus) | 902-897-1952 (Agricultural Campus)