4. Registration
1. It is a student's responsibility to register. Registration instructions are available on the web at dal.ca/advising. Registration for courses is completed using Dal online. The timetable of courses for and registration dates are available in March - June.
2.    A student is considered registered after selection of courses. Selection of courses is deemed to be an agreement by the student for the payment of all assessed fees.
3. All students are required to obtain ID card or validate an existing ID card at the DalCard Office.
4. Space in class. Enrolment is limited in all courses, and admission does not guarantee that space will be available in any course or section. However, no student in a graduating year may be excluded form a course required by that student to meet degree program requirements because of lack of space. This rule does not apply to elective courses or to preferred sections of courses. Any student in a graduating year who encounters such a situation should immediately consult the department chair, school director or dean.
5. Students may be removed from courses for which they do not have prerequisites. Prerequisite waivers can be granted only by the instructor and must be submitted in writing, with the instructor's signature, to the Registrar's Office.

ID cards are mandatory and must be presented to write an officially scheduled examination. In addition, some services such as the issuance of bursary or scholarship cheques, library privileges, Dalplex and Langille Athletic Centre require the presentation of a valid Dalhousie ID card.