5. Course Changes and Withdrawal

5.1 Course Changes

It is recognized that some students may wish to make changes in programs already arranged. Course changes will normally be completed during the first two weeks of courses. (For Summer term information, see the Summer School Schedule.) The last dates for adding and deleting courses are published in the schedule of Academic Course Add/Drop Dates of this calendar. Course changes should be made on the Web at www.dal.ca/online

Please note that dropping or changing courses may affect your eligibility for student aid.

5.2 Withdrawal

Non-attendance does not, in itself, constitute withdrawal. Withdrawals are effective when a student withdraws from courses on the Web at www.dal.ca/online or written notification is received at the Registrar’s Office.

In the Faculty of Health students who wish to withdraw from the university must obtain written approval from the appropriate school or college and submit the appropriate forms to the Registrar. Students should not discontinue attendance at any course until their withdrawal has been approved.

Students withdrawing voluntarily from the University should consult the individual faculty regulations and the Fees section of this Calendar.

When the work of a student becomes unsatisfactory, or a student’s attendance is irregular without sufficient reason, the faculty concerned may require withdrawal from one or more courses, or withdrawal from the Faculty. If a student is required to withdraw from a Faculty such a student may apply to another Faculty. However, in assessing the application, previous performance will be taken into consideration.