14. Preparation for Other Programs

Work in the College of Arts and Science is a prerequisite for various programs in other faculties and other institutions. A brief summary of the academic work required for admission to certain programs is given here. Further information may be found later in this calendar, or in the Faculty of Graduate Studies calendar or the Dentistry, Law and Medicine calendar.

Graduate Studies: The normal requirement for admission to a graduate program is an honours degree or the equivalent.

Students who are registered in an honours program may, with permission from their honours supervisor and the course instructor, be eligible to complete up to six credit hours of study at the graduate level. These credit hours could be used in place of undergraduate degree requirements toward completion of the undergraduate degree. With permission of the program's graduate coordinator and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, such credit hours may also be applied to a subsequent Master's degree in some programs. Please consult the Graduate Calendar, section 3.7 Advanced Placement, for details. Students registering in any graduate level course, regardless of their level of study, will be graded in accordance with the graduate grading scale and must obtain a grade of B- or higher in order to receive credit. For courses that are cross-listed between the undergraduate and graduate level, students who register in the graduate level course may switch to the corresponding undergraduate course by the dates specified in the Academic Dates listed at the front of the Calendar.

Architecture:  Two years of university study are required for entry to the BEDS program in architecture. For details, see the Architecture section.

Dental Hygiene:  Completion of 30 credit hours at the university level of one regular session’s duration in the following: biology, psychology, sociology, a writing course, a one term course in introductory statistics and a one term course in introductory chemistry. For details, see the Dentistry, Law and Medicine calendar.

Dentistry: See the Dentistry, Law and Medicine calendar.

Design:  Students completing one year in the College of Arts and Science at Dalhousie may be admitted into the second year of the four year program leading to the Bachelor of Design degree in communication design at the NSCAD University.

Law:  At least two years of work leading to one of the degrees of BA, BSc, BComm, BMgmt. For details, please see the Dentistry, Law and Medicine calendar.

Medicine:  A BA, BSc, BComm, or BMgmt degree. For details, see the Dentistry, Law and Medicine calendar.

Veterinary Medicine: Dalhousie offers Preveterinary Studies at the Truro campus. The Atlantic Veterinary College offers the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program for students in the Atlantic region; there are four other programs across Canada. Students must check admission requirements directly with universities offering DVM programs, as they may change without notice.