23. Dean’s List

23.1 Eligibility

Full-time students will be assessed for eligibility for the Dean’s list at the end of each academic term. Students who take a minimum of nine credit hours in a term and achieve a term GPA of 3.70 will be placed on the Dean’s list.

Part-time students will be considered once at the end of each academic year. For this purpose, a part-time student is one who takes at least nine credit hours during the academic year but less than nine credit hours in any one term in the academic year. The student must achieve a GPA of 3.70 in every term in the academic year.


  1. The number of students placed on the Dean’s list will normally not exceed 15% of the class.
  2. Students registered for full year courses, e.g. courses that run from September through April will be considered for the Dean’s list when full year course results are available.
  3. The notation “Dean’s List” will appear on the transcript.

23.2 Sexton Scholar List

Students in the Faculties of Architecture and Planning, Computer Science, and Engineering who have taken a full course load, as determined by the faculty and achieved a term GPA of 3.85 will be placed on the Sexton Scholar List.