24. Appeals

24.1 Appeals for Students with Learning Disabilities

Appeals by students with learning disabilities will follow the usual procedures of the relevant faculty at Dalhousie University. See Accommodation Policy.

24.2 College of Arts and Science/Faculty of Management/Faculty of Agriculture

Any students who believe they will suffer undue hardship from the application of any of the academic regulations may appeal for relief to the academic appeals committee of the faculty or school in which they are registered. Students wishing to appeal a decision based on faculty/school regulations must apply for an 'Academic Waiver' through DalOnline. The arguments and expectations of the petitioner must be clearly stated.

An appeal from a student, arising from an academic dismissal from the faculty should be addressed to the Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Science, Academic Director, Undergraduate Programs, in the Faculty of Management, or to the Assistant Dean, Students, in the Faculty of Agriculture, as appropriate.

24.3 Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Appeals should be directed to the School of Architecture office or the School of Planning office.

24.4 Faculty of Computer Science

Appeals should be directed to the Administrator, Dean’s Office.

24.5 Faculty of Engineering

Appeals should be directed to the Academic Appeals Committee, Faculty of Engineering.

24.6 Faculty of Health

Faculty of Health Student Appeals Process

Please contact the School/College or Faculty of Health Dean's office for the complete Faculty of Health Student Appeals Policy and Procedures.

The Committee has no jurisdiction to hear student appeals on a matter involving a requested exemption from the application of faculty or university regulations or procedures except when irregularities or unfairness in the application thereof is alleged. This means that only procedural issues and not the merits of the case, are subject to appeal.