Canadian Studies
Location: Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Avenue
Room 3010
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Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
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Why Canadian Studies at Dalhousie? In this era of globalized exchange, and growing international citizenship and responsibilities, Canadian Studies programs are enjoying a renaissance. Knowing ourselves and understanding our place in the world as Canadians remains an urgent task for students and scholars alike.

Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University has always been based upon a very strong tradition of research and teaching in a wide range of Faculty of Arts and Social Science and Faculty of Science departments and in other associated faculties and professional schools, such as Health Professions, Law, and the King's School of Journalism. The Dalhousie Canadian Studies Program, with its various options, allows students to deepen their understanding of Canada in an exciting and coherent interdisciplinary context. As a second field of study leading to a Minor, a Double Major or a Combined Honours BA or BSc, it provides the opportunity to enrich and enhance a student's work on Canadian topics beyond his or her primary departmental home. To this end, Canadian Studies provides both a group of core courses that study Canada from an interdisciplinary perspective, and a long list of electives cross-listed in other departments throughout the University.

Former students of Canadian Studies have found that this interdisciplinary study has been of benefit to them in a wide range of activities and careers including journalism, public service, teaching at all levels, and graduate and professional studies.


In addition to the departmental requirements listed below, students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Degree Requirements section of this calendar